Patch Management: Benefits & Importance

Patch management is the process of applying patches of code updates, changing the code of existing programs to fix potential security vulnerabilities or other issues. There are several different kinds of patches, including hotfixes, security patches, service packs, etc. Patch management may not sound critical to some, but it can be one of the most important aspects of both productivity and security of your systems. There are many reasons why patching and updating are critical, but the most notable reason for the use of patch management is to make sure your technical environment is secure.


Why do I need patch management if I can just run windows updates myself?


Historically, Microsoft has released patches that have caused issues. If you set windows updates to update automatically, your system would have installed those patches, leading to your system malfunctioning. With patch management, we can control which patches are applied and when to apply them. With patch management allowing delayed patching, this allows us to confirm the patches have no faults in them before applying them to your system. We research major patches before applying them to ensure they have no known issues so when they are deployed, they apply only the added security and fixes they were intended for.


Why run updates at all if my system is already working how I expect/want it to?


There are multiple ways your organization benefits from a well-structured patch management program.


  • A more secure environment: When you’re regularly patching vulnerabilities, you’re reducing the risk that exists in your environment. Mitigating security risks is crucial in an organization.
  • Compliance: Keeping your organization patched will allow you to avoid failure of meeting compliance standards. Not meeting compliance standards may result in fines during audits. Successful patch management ensures that you are in compliance.
  • Standardization: It is common for a network or system to be compromised because of old hardware or software that someone has forgotten. With the use of patching, we can ensure your devices are all receiving the updates released to keep them secure. Your organizations security is only as strong as the weakest link. Keeping all of the devices up to date ensures that the risk of a breach is mitigated as much as possible. 

Patch management is a robust process that will ensure your devices are staying up to date. If you’d like to learn more about patch management, or have any questions, please contact Mnemonix. We are happy to help.