How Can An IT Assessment Save you Money?

Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDoS) Attacks, disaster recovery, outdated technology and security breaches are all examples of things that could negatively impact your business. However, all of these situations could be avoided by simply requesting a full IT assessment.

Why is this assessment important? There are a few reasons why:


1. Identify Vulnerabilities & Be Proactive With Your Actions

  • IT Assessments will locate gaps between technologies, strategies, security and policies. The assessments can also help with identifying the security level of your environment by analyzing and testing your network. By spotting system and/or network vulnerabilities, these vulnerabilities can be mitigated, and the probability of data leaks can be lessened. Pending an IT assessment, Mnemonix will recommend solutions to improve your business’s security measures.

2. Having Disruption / Disaster Plans in Place

  • Creating a set of plans for varying circumstances that may happen in the future can drastically decrease costs as this will allow you to be proactive with your recovery rather than reactive. Costs for preventative measures tend to be more financiallyfriendly than reacting with uncertainty, which could cause drastic damage to your business and cost much more money to resolve the issues with your system and/or network. Such disruptions / disasters could include downtime, hardware failure, human errors, security breaches and more. Taking advantage of IT assessments can help build out plans for proactively managing risks and promoting business continuity.

3. Implementing Proper Security Policies

  • During an IT assessment, Mnemonix can gain further insight about your network and security policies. With our expertise, we can create security policies and procedures based on your system that will decrease your chances of security breaches. We have experience with different types of systems, which allows us to understand the uniqueness of each business’ network at a professional level and provide appropriate solutions for your business’s needs.

4. Improving Outdated Technology

  • Technology moves fast! With an IT assessment, we can locate and target those technologies that have become vulnerable due to their age. With the use of old technology, serious troubles can occur such as system crashes, data loss and security breaches. Let us help your business avoid troublesome issues by helping you address the issue ahead of time.

5. Backups and Disaster Recovery

  • With a thorough IT assessment, we can analyze every detail to find out which data and systems need to be backed up. In case of a disaster, we are able to target the critical data and back it up prior to the disaster to help ensure smooth recovery of your data. Preparing yourself, whether a disaster happens or not, can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and your valuable time.


To summarize, an IT assessment can save you money and time. Planning ahead allows us to save you money by being proactive rather than reactive during unanticipated events. Determining that technologies are no longer being used or shouldn’t be used can save you many unnecessary monthly costs. Preventing hackers from getting their hands on your data and holding it ransom is critical, as hackers may charge unrealistic amounts to release your data. If good security policies are put in place, the chances of a cyber-attack drop drastically.